The Band

The Order of Chaos, is a long standing and well known Canadian hard rock  band which originated in Stony Plain Alberta. They have been working  their way through clubs and bars in Western Canada since 2003.

Founding  member John Simon Fallon is today joined by drummer Tim Prevost, guitarist John Saturley and bassist Duncan Hickerty. Vocalist, Amanda Kiernan,  is renowned for her ability to blend of various rock-metal vocal styles  and is highly regarded for her humble yet confident approach to her  central role as the bands focal point The Order of Chaos has been  featured at the Boonstock Music Festival and has performed with such  world-renowned acts as Godsmack, Sonata Arctica, Paul Di’Anno (formerly  of Iron Maiden) and Ensiferium.

Many of these opportunities have evolved  from the band’s innate ability to captivate crowds. Their energetic,  memorable performances and marketing savy have impressed audiences  throughout Western Canada, and is beginning to attract the attention of  audiences world wide.

Band Members
Amanda Kiernan – Vocals
John Simon Fallon – Lead/Rhythm guitars
John Saturley – Lead/Rhythm guitars
Tim Prevost – Drums
Duncan Hickerty – Bass