John Saturley – Lead/Rhythm guitars


Role: Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Music
Member since: 2008
Endorsed by: Diamond Amplification

Bio: Born in Edmonton Alberta, John began to find an appreciation for music at a fairly young age, picking up guitar in his early teens. While he was raised on classic rock and the grunge era of the early 90s, it wasn’t until he discovered his first heavy metal album, (an Ozzy Osbourne greatest hits release) that he felt a real passion for music and developed his desire to create it. As his curiosity and eagerness to learn grew, his tastes become more refined and more obscure.

This lead to the development of his first real musical endeavour, Skepsis, a technical death metal band that brought an unmatched level of brutality and musicianship to the Edmonton metal community. This musical prowess is what caught the eye of Simon Fallon from the already well established Order of Chaos. After years of trying to create the most brutal, heavy and underground music possible, he knew it was time to open his eyes to a more broad ranging view of music, melody, harmony and flavor.

Thus began his era with The Order of Chaos.